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Real food is so important on many levels. As busy wives, moms and business owners, making real, delicious foods fast and affordable is a must! We understand, how when we feed ourselves and our families well, everything else is easier. Making meal time simple and delicious gives us more time to enjoy our lives. Are you ready to re-write your story? How much longer will you say, “I really want to make some changes”? The support is here to help you create the life you have always dreamed of living. Let’s go!

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Who Are The Real Food Mums?

Terri Hirning

My love affair with food began as a part of the journey to heal my son from autism. As I started down a path of biomedical treatments, I got a glimpse of the healing power of foods and how they impact not only the body, but the brain as well. It was through my study of the science and my own family’s reaction to dietary changes, that I saw clearly the power of food had on our physical, emotional and mental health.

Food and nourishing families in an easy and streamlined way is my passion. Eating healthy does not require the time commitment of another full time job, and it can be affordable.

Elaine Grace Copeland

I learned after years of research how misguided I was, and misinformed on the foods that I was led to believe were healthy and wise choices. I discovered that many foods I considered nutritious were actually aggravating my health issues and extra weight. As I became aware of new information I made changes in how I ate, and how I fed my family. We ditched the processed foods, grains, fat-free foods, and refined sugars, for real, clean, fresh foods.

The changes were incredible – improvements to my digestion, skin, weight, breathing, and energy levels. Now I love to feed my family delicious food, move my body, and share my love for real food with others.

Chocolate Peppermint Muffins

Great for breakfasts, treats or anytime!

A Delicious Recipe Without...

  • Gluten
  • Chemical Preservatives
  • Grains

With Plenty of...

  • Easy to Find Ingredients
  • Rich Flavor
  • Simple, Thorough Directions