Monthly Archives: February 2017

Lab Testing

Lab testing can be a wonderful way to optimally support your health and wellness. But, understanding the test results can be confusing and overwhelming. That is where Real Food Mum comes in! Laboratory testing can give us very valuable information on toxicity, gut dysbiosis, neuro-transmitter functioning, food allergies/intolerances, inflammation and […]

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Support for Constipation

Constipation is a common complaint from our clients. This runs the gamut from individuals with severe gut dysbiosis, autism, auto-immune issues, or people with no other complaints at all! Constipation is an equal opportunity offender! And nothing says discomfort like constipation. Elimination is a critical function and especially as we […]

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Healthy Convenience Foods

We know how it is. Getting kids off to school. Driving from this practice or that. Busy school mornings with no time for meal prep. Real life isn’t always calm and planned out. We are big fans of batch cooking, it saves us on many occasions from reaching for less-than-good-for-you […]

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