About Real Food Mum

Real Food For Real Lives

Real Food Mum was created to support families in their journey for optimum health and wellness through laboratory testing, nutrition, supplements, mind-body and lifestyle coaching.

Terri Hirning

Terri integrates many modalities in her work with her clients. Her background of having worked for The Great Plains Laboratory gives her a strong basis and understanding of their testing. She also currently works for New Beginnings Nutritionals and is highly trained in the implementation of supplement programs, in conjunction with a healthy diet, to support optimal health. Add that to the extensive knowledge of nutrient dense and healing foods, she puts together a complete program that is actually implementable for families! As an autism mom, she truly has ‘been there, done that’ in terms of getting healthy foods into a picky eater. She presents a holistic nutrition program that works with laboratory testing, supplements, lifestyle, budget and any specific needs each client may have.

What she has to say to her clients:

“My love affair with food began as a part of the journey to heal my son from autism. As I started down a path of biomedical treatments, I got a glimpse of the healing power of foods and how they impact not only the body, but the brain as well. It was through my study of the science and my own family’s reaction to dietary changes, that I saw clearly the power of food had on our physical, emotional and mental health.

Food and nourishing families in an easy and streamlined way is my passion. Eating healthy does not require the time commitment of another full time job, and it can be affordable.

Join us in our love for real food that has the power to nourish, heal and ignite you on your journey for optimal health!”

Qualifications and Trainings:

1995 – Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, University of San Diego

2009 – DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) conference, introductory biomedical parent track

Multiple years of MAPS trainings

Multiple years of TACA (Talk About Curing Autism) national conferences, including most recently 2015 & 2016

2010 thru 2016 – Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Conference

2014 thru 2015 – Autism Educational Summit

2015 – Autism Mastery Course from Dr. Kurt Woeller 

2015 – BioIndividual Nutrition Course from Julie Matthews, Nourishing Hope MOMS training and she served as a mentor in the training

2017 – The Great Plains Lab Organic Acids Test (OAT) & GPL-SNP Training

Currently studying to become a Naturopathic Doctor


The Thinking Moms Revolution Book, Evolution of a Revolution: From Hope to Healing – Contributing author


Member of The Thinking Moms Revolution, Team TMR

Elaine Copeland

Before I discovered the benefits of eating real food and healthy fats, I, like many women, was completely influenced by the superb marketing of the food, diet and weight loss industry.

I tried every diet out there, and style of eating – vegan, raw, vegetarian, low fat, low, low fat, no fat. I wasted years counting calories and avoiding fat.

For years I struggled with a constant battle maintaining my weight. Exercise seemed like a logical way to improve my fitness and manage my weight, and I was a chronic exerciser, along with many other women who sought out exercise classes to do the same.I learned after years of personal and professional research how misguided I was, and misinformed on the foods that I was led to believe were healthy and wise choices. I discovered that many of the foods I considered nutritious were actually aggravating my health issues and extra weight. As I became aware of new information I made changes in how I ate, and how I fed my family. I ditched the processed foods, grains, fat-free foods, sugars (many brilliantly hidden in foods), for real, clean, fresh foods.

The changes were incredible – my digestion improved, my skin cleared up, my weight stabilized, shortness of breath disappeared, no more “food mood swings”, and my energy levels improved.

Maintaining a healthier weight is now easier and I discovered that I do not have to exercise continuously to maintain my weight. I learned that diet plays a much larger role on body composition than exercise. Now I love to feed my family delicious food, move my body, and share my love for real food with others.