January 9, 2018

Can I share an important autism resource with you?

My dear friend and colleague, Dr. Kurt Woeller, is launching his newest Autism Mastery Course with added modules to include detox. Below are details of this cutting edge course which is geared towards both clinicians and parents/caregivers. Please share with anyone who has a loved one with autism. Join me in this groundbreaking program!

Autism Mastery Course To Include New information About Environmental Toxicity, Testing and Detoxification

Dr. Kurt Woeller’s Autism Mastery Course will begin on January 23, 2018 and will have updated information on integrative medicine testing, protocols, etc. as well as new comprehensive information regarding environmental toxicity and detoxification. Chemical toxins have become a well-recognized culprit in the autism epidemic and the use of specific tests such as Great Plains Laboratories GPL-TOX and Glyphosate profiles have helped identify various environmental poisons. This new version of Autism Mastery will provide information on effective detoxification interventions, including heavy metal detoxification, sauna therapy and ION Cleanse.

Early bird discounts are still available, but space is limited for the course. This Autism Mastery Course will be the most comprehensive autism course to date.

1n 2012, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) indicated that the autism rates in the United States were 1 in 68 children. However, recent data from the National Health Center for Human Statistics (NCHS) puts that number at 1 in 36 American children. Worldwide autism rates continue to be a significant issue as well, and many conventional medical practitioners are ill-equipped to help.

Integrative medicine (also known as ‘biomedical intervention) continues to offer the best chance of improvement and recovery for many individuals on the autism-spectrum. However, the amount of health practitioners who understand how to implement integrative health options are limited.

This course will teach you the critical information regarding lab testing, interpretation and implementation of biomedical intervention for autism. At the end of the course you will be well-equipped to help a wide variety of families struggling to assist their loved one with the many co-morbid problems associated with autism-spectrum disorders. These co-morbid conditions include digestive problems, allergies, food sensitivities, chronic infections, nutritional deficiencies, chemical toxicity and others.

See if Autism Mastery Course is Right For You!

Dr. Kurt Woeller is a renowned Integrative Medicine physician, and has incorporated his 20+ years of clinical practice into a program that can be easily understood and implemented in an accelerated time frame.

Autism Mastery Course is delivered online, featuring clinically relevant, practical, and time-efficient material.

The 16 Modules Include:

  • Live Lesson Webinars (Also Recorded For Later Review & Study).
  • Live Q & A webinars (Also Recorded For Later Review & Study).
  • Access to Dr. Woeller & Other Members Via Private Forum.
  • BONUS Breakout Module – How to Interpret The Organic Acids Test
  • Downloadable Handouts, Office Forms & Other Documents.
  • Downloadable, Brandable Documents That You Can Customize.
  • Exams and Certificate After Completion.
  • CME Credits.

This course offers comprehensive information that would normally take years of training and practice to obtain. It flattens out the learning curve for you to be able to understand and treat Autism using integrative and functional medicine quickly and easily.

Please visit Autism Mastery Course for more information

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