March 23, 2017

Lab Testing Intro

Are you confused about lab testing? What is it even good for? What can you tell through the use of diagnostic tests? Optimize your health and wellness through specialized lab testing and interpretation. Real Food Mum Co-Founder Terri Hirning walks you through the basics of lab testing.

Laboratory testing, especially tests like IgG food allergy and Organic Acids Tests, have been very useful in healing her son and her whole family. There were underlying biomedical issues that were ignored by mainstream medicine. Their answer was a slew of prescriptions which served to mask symptoms rather than address the root causes.

Ezcema, fatigue, digestive issues, constipation, mood regulation issues, chronic pain, as well a host of other symptoms that have been eradicated through the use and interpretation of these tests. Many of these conditions were considered “genetic” as many in our families all suffered from these. But no, they were not genetic, they were completely reversible through diet, supplements and lifestyle changes. A whole new world of wellness, energy, and improved health resulted. Now let us support YOU in your optimal health and wellness journey.

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