January 17, 2017

Real Food Mum Co-Founder Talks About Autism Recovery and Real Food

Real Food Mum Co-Founder, Terri Hirning, shares her story of supporting her son’s autism recovery with a real food diet. She is certainly not alone, thousands of parents report similar stories of improvement in speech, eye contact, sensory issues, sleep, focus, attention and self-regulation following dietary changes. Not all of the stories are the same and not every diet works for every child. It comes down to a bioindividual approach (as with almost everything). But, the tremendous changes and improvements that can occur are nothing sort of amazing.

For Terri’s son, a gluten and casein (GFCF) diet was not all that it took to make improvements in her son’s gut and brain. It took a grain free (paleo style) diet plus the comprehensive treatment from a qualified specialist along with supplements, traditional therapies and other biomedical modalities. But, diet was a foundational therapy and one that in her opinion, helped support all other therapies.

We at Real Food Mum believe that a diet as close to nature as possible is helpful in supporting optimal health, regardless of diagnosis or health condition. We also treat each individual as just that, an individual, and provide information that allows eat client to choose the path that meets their needs best.

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Real Food Mum

One Comment on “Real Food Mum Co-Founder Talks About Autism Recovery and Real Food

Cheri Kiefer
June 21, 2017 at 3:58 pm

Enlightening Video. Thanks for sharing!


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